Have you ever thought about having one single place to gather, curate and share all the content of your courses? Course Chunks are here to help with our (easy) content management and Canvas LMS integration

Save, Collect & Share Educational Resources

Course Chunks makes it easy to Save, Collect and Share Online Educational Resources.  It is a very easy online database of educational resources, perfect for this era of lifelong learning and sharing of content and knowledge

Teachers, Professors & Instructional Designers:

Find and Share Educational Resources.  We believe that it should be easier for teachers to find and share educational resources.  We also think it should be easier to figure out how to use these resources in your existing courses.  For this reason, we make it easy to export your chunks to your course through our Canvas LMS integration.  Sign up for Course Chunks to get started today!

Collect & Share Content:

Have you ever found a great article (or video, podcast, book, etc) that you thought would be great in one of your courses?  Have you ever wondered which TED talk or Harvard Case Study might be perfect for your lesson?  We are here to help!

With our bookmarking tool, you can easily save any resource, and easily assign that resource to a course.  Then, use our Canvas LMS integration (or Embed, API), and easily manage your content (right in your courses!)



Free and easy to begin

We believe that teachers should be able to find and share course materials, and for this reason, Course Chunks is designed to be free, open and collaborative by default.

Premium Option:  For developers, big teams and people who want to hide their activity from public view, we have a premium option .  Learn more


Website developers can build on Course Chunks using our well-documented API


Course Chunks makes it easy to collaborate.  Save, Collect & Share Educational Resources.


Create your own educational collection for your community


Save content directly to your course with our Canvas LMS integration

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