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What can I do with Course Chunks?

  • Save what you learn (books, articles, videos, courses, podcasts, and more)
  • Make it easy to find later.  Put your resources into chunks (collections), making it easier to find and reference at a later date
  • Connect with friends and team members, and share what you are learning (reading, watching, discussing)
  • Collaborate with friends by building a shared educational resource library
  • Create a name for yourself and your institution as a subject matter expert

Providing the Tools You Need for Take Control of your own Learning

How do you learn?  What is the best way to learn?  First, break whatever you are trying to learn into smaller bite-sized chunks.  Then, whenever you find a resource that makes sense to you, save it!  Then, look into your network of fellow-learners and see if there are similar chunks.   

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