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Do you have an idea how to make our courses better?

Contribute to a course, and earn $$ when that course sells

We believe in the power of our community to contribute to our courses, and to make them better

Course Chunks are bite-sized lessons, built by our awesome community

Learn something new in bite-sized chunks.  Course Chunks is an educational platform where people come to learn together.  It is a place to find educational content from experts, and from innovative people.  It’s a digital library full of educational content.  Course Chunks allows members to share learning resources with other members.

How will you contribute?

Contribute to a course, and earn $$ when that course sells

Bite-Sized Learning

  • Content Creators:  We help you earn money when you suggest your content to our courses.  Writers, YouTubers, Bloggers and other creatives can earn $$ when our courses sell and if your content is in that course.
  • Teams:  You can create private courses just for your own community, team or organization.  Harness the power of community in building your courses.
  • Students:  Learn in bite-sized chunks.  Find a wide variety of course content, carefully curated by our community
  • Professors:  Teach online, and earn money from the learning content you create.  Collaborate with other professors to build better courses.

Share your favorite educational content, and recommend them to our courses to earn a share of the profits

Create your own content, or quickly add links to articles, videos, podcasts, google docs, presentations, and more.

Then, recommend that content to other people’s courses.  When those course sell, you earn a share of the profits.

Discover, save (and discuss) great educational content