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What is a chunk?

“Chunks” are collections of educational resources (articles, videos, lectures, etc).  In general, each chunk should be the smallest possible collection of materials necessary to help a person understand a particular topic. 

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Books, articles, podcasts, notes and more

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API access for website developers

Export your collections to your own website.  REST API access for developers for integration

The Chunking method in the Science of Learning:

In the science of learning, "chunking" is when you take something complex, and break it down into smaller, easier to understand pieces.

Chunking is the idea of breaking down a big (hard to understand) concept into smaller pieces. 

"When you first look at a brand new concept it sometimes doesn't make much sense... Chunking is the mental leap that helps you unite bits of information together through meaning. The new logical whole makes the chunk easier to remember, and also makes it easier to fit the chunk into the larger picture of what you're learning." - Dr. Barbara Oakley, University of California, San Diego


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What are 'chunks' ?

Chunks are bite-sized collections of educational content.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to for most users.  We have a premium option for teachers who want to integrate with their LMS. See our pricing page for details.

What does the API do?

Developers can request access to our API, which will let them get access to the full CourseChunks functionality, but without needing to send users to our site

Who uses CourseChunks?

Anyone who wants to save links to online content

How to embed ?

We make it easy for you to embed any chunk on your own website.  Just navigate to any chunk, and look for the ’embed’ button, and copy paste the code

Do you integrate with any Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Yes!  We can easily integrate with Canvas LMS, the leading Learning Management System for Higher Education.  This means professors can add chunks to their courses

Search Super-Chunks

Chunks are small collections of content, containing resources like articles, videos, podcasts and more.  Super chunks are collections of chunks

Search all Chunks

Chunks are small collections of content, containing resources like articles, videos, podcasts and more

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