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Create your own collections of educational content, with links to books, videos, podcasts, notes, articles, courses and more…

Share educational resources with students and teachers.  Course Chunks are bite-sized collections of educational content, carefully curated by our community, to be shared with other teachers

Created by Summit Global Education, Course Chunks is an educational platform where people come to learn together.  It is a place to find content from experts, and from innovative teams.  It’s a digital library full of educational content.  Course Chunks allows members to share learning resources with other members.

Examples of Bite-Sized Chunks

What is a Chunk?

Chunks are small packets of learning resources (they can contain links to books, articles, videos, podcasts, notes, lectures, and more!)

Here are some examples...

Who uses Course Chunks?

  • Content Creators:  Share your content in little chunks.  Make it easier for people to find and share your content, by putting them in little packets (called “chunks”)
  • Teams:  Save links to content with you team, and collaborate on shared collections. Discover new educational resources (for yourself, or for your team)
  • Students:  As you learn, create you own learning database with links to books, podcasts, you own notes, and more.  Save from any publication, page or app. Curate your own space filled with everything you learn.
  • Professors:  As you plan your course, create a private library with links to  articles, videos and websites (anything you might want to add to a course someday).  Then, when you are ready…export the content directly to your LMS.

Find, Save and Share your favorite educational content

Add a team, and collaborate.

Quickly add links to articles, videos, podcasts, google docs, presentations, and more.

Shared resources from others people learning.  Simply find resources you need, then use Course Chunks to develop effective online training materials.

Discover, save (and discuss) great educational content