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Canvas LMS

  • Includes everything in the Standard account, plus:
  • For teachers who want to integrate Chunks with their online school system
  • Integration with Canvas LMS
  • Other learning management system integrations coming soon!


  • Includes everything in the Standard Account, plus:
  • Webiste and App Developers – get access to our REST API
  • Manage your educational resources in your own app or website
  • All the power of CourseChunks, right in your own site
  • Your users never need to leave your site


Website developers can build on Course Chunks using our well-documented API


Course Chunks makes it easy to collaborate.  Save, Collect & Share Educational Resources.


Create your own educational collection for your community


Save content directly to your course with our Canvas LMS integration

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?
  • Once logged-in, feel free to save your own links to articles, videos, podcasts, books, and more...
What are "Chunks"?
  • Chunks are small packets of learning resources
  • They can contain links to books, articles, videos, podcasts, notes, lectures, and more!
Who uses Course Chunks?
  • Self-guided learners
  • Anyone who finds a great TED Talk, and wants to find it again later, saved in a packet of similar books, articles, videos or podcasts.
  • Anyone who wants to save links to learning resources
  • Oh, and also website developers who are working on Ed-Tech projects.  If you are trying to build an educational community, please ask us how to get started with our API
How much does it cost?
  • It is free for most users
  • Please see our pricing page for more details
How do I make "chunks"?
  • Then save a couple of articles (or videos, podcasts, etc), and put them together in a chunk.
What does "Chunking" mean?

"Chunking" is the idea of breaking down a big (hard to understand) concept into smaller pieces.

The idea of "chunking" is used in teaching, and is nicely explained by Dr. Barbara Oakley, University of California, San Diego:  "When you first look at a brand new concept it sometimes doesn't make much sense... Chunking is the mental leap that helps you unite bits of information together through meaning. The new logical whole makes the chunk easier to remember, and also makes it easier to fit the chunk into the larger picture of what you're learning."

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