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We help you earn money when you suggest your content to our courses.

Writers, YouTubers, bloggers and other creatives can earn $$ when our courses sell and if your content is in that course.

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Why share your content with Course Chunks?

  • With two ways to earn: (1) You can either create courses with your content, or (2) you can suggest that content to other people’s courses
  • If you create your own courses, you can sell access to those courses.  And, you can invite other people to help contribute to your courses (for a share of the revenue)
  • If you suggest your content to someone else’s course, you can earn a share of the revenue whenever someone pays for that course

An additional revenue stream for your educational content

You worked hard to create your – Articles, Blogs, Books, Videos and more…

Now, with CourseChunks, you can earn additional income whenever you suggest your content, and it is used in a course that sells, earning you a share of the revenue.

Share your educational content, and earn a share of course revenue

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