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Course Chunks makes it easy to Save, Collect and Share Online Educational Resources.  It is a very easy online database of educational resources, perfect for this era of lifelong learning and sharing of content and knowledge

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Our mission is to help creative people to promote their blogs, articles, books, videos, events (etc) to our community of educators.

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Teachers are always looking for great content to use in their classes.  But, with so much choice out there, many teachers struggle to find the perfect article (or video, podcast, book, etc) for their class.  Course Chunks was designed to bring open collaboration to courses, to help professors find that perfect TED talk or Harvard Case Study for their course.

How you can help:  Begin by adding links to your content in Course Chunks, and then build “chunks” (collections of content).  Then, invite your community to collaborate (after all, learning management should be a team effort!).


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We believe that teachers should be able to find and share course materials, and for this reason, Course Chunks is designed to be free, open and collaborative by default.

Premium Option:  For developers, big teams and people who want to hide their activity from public view, we have a premium option .  Learn more

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