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We help Content Producers (creatives) promote their content by combining packets of books, podcasts, courses, and more…

Course Chunks allows creators to easily bundle their content (books, interviews, courses) into small shareable packets.


  1. Book:  Let’s say you are writing a book, and you might have a podcast, or a YouTube video interview of you talking about the book.   Put these resoures all together, and share the packet together!
  2. Course:  Maybe you have a course to sell?  If you have a podcast where you are interviewed, or have a book to go with the course, you can bundle them together in Course Chunks, and share the packet together

What can I do with Course Chunks?

  • Promote your content
  • Combine your resources together into little packets, and share them together (book, video, podcast, more)
  • Create a personal learning object repository
  • Create a name for yourself and your institution as a subject matter expert

Providing the Tools You Need to promote your Content

Articles, Blogs, Books, Videos and more…

You can modify any existing online resource, repurpose the online content content to suit your needs. You can pick-and-choose which elements you’d like to include, and discard the rest. This is ideal for teachers with limited online training experience. Simply find resources you need, then use Course Chunks to develop effective online training materials.

“We use Course Chunks to build our educational library, and to empower our emloyees with self-guided learning tools.  We couldnt be happier with the results!”

Tamim Joyardar

Managing Director, Cora Ltd

“We were looking for a fast and easy-to-use tool to organize our educational content for all of our teachers, and Course Chunks was a perfect fit for this solution”

Hasan Milon

Managing Director, Cora Ltd

Promote your content together (books, podcasts, courses, more)

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