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Create your own educational database
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Create a shared learning database for your team

Imagine how much more you team could learn if they had the right tools to share what they are actually learning?!

What can I do with Course Chunks?

  • Add team members to a shared educational content database
  • Each team member can share: what they are reading, watching, learning about.
  • Create a personal learning object repository for each team member
  • Build a course from scratch with relevant materials shared by other Course Chunks users
  • Create a name for yourself and your institution as a subject matter expert

Providing the Tools You Need for your Community to Learn Together

You can modify any existing online resource, repurpose the online content content to suit your needs. You can pick-and-choose which elements you’d like to include, and discard the rest. This is ideal for teachers with limited online training experience. Simply find resources you need, then use Course Chunks to develop effective online training materials.

Create your own educational database for your team

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