Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Course Chunks?

Teachers:  Collect and Share educational resources for your future courses

Students + Lifelong Learners:  Find curated collections of amazing course content, and create your own learning database (no matter what you are into!)

Communities and Teams:  Easily create a shared knowledge bank for your organization, and develop a collaborative learning center for your team

How much does it cost?

Please see our pricing page

What does "Chunking" mean?

"Chunking" is the idea of breaking down a big (hard to understand) concept into smaller pieces.  The idea of "chunking" is used in teaching.  To catch the idea, think about this quote from Dr. Barbara Oakley, University of California, San Diego

"When you first look at a brand new concept it sometimes doesn't make much sense, as shown by the jumbled puzzle pieces here. Chunking is the mental leap that helps you unite bits of information together through meaning. The new logical whole makes the chunk easier to remember, and also makes it easier to fit the chunk into the larger picture of what you're learning." 

What are "Chunks"?

Chunks are collections of educational resources such as articles, videos, podcasts, books, and more...

What is the difference between "Chunks" and "Courses"?

A "chunk" is a collection of articles, videos, books, blogs, etc...

A "course" is a collection of chunks.  Put your chunks together, and give them super-powers 🙂

How do I make "chunks"?

First login (or signup), then save a couple of articles (or videos, podcasts, etc), and put them together in a chunk.  You can create a new chunk by clicking here

How do I create a new "Course"?

First login (or signup), then you can create a new Course by clicking here.   

Our recommendation is to start by first saving a couple of chunks (which are collections of articles, videos, podcasts, etc).  Then, put your chunks together, and give them super-powers

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